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Jewellery by Michael J Klimaszewski

Loop-in-Loop Chains



All of the chains are available as a necklace and/or bracelet. These can be made to order in accordance with your preferred size(s). Orders for these chains can take up to 3 weeks between placing an order and delivery of items.This is due to the lengthy processes in hand-producing these chains.


Single loop-in-loop large

This is the largest handmade chain. It is made using 1 mm silver wire. Please click on the photo for more information.


Double loop-in-loop chain

This chain uses a double link style. Click on the photo for more details.

Thin double loop-in-loop chain

This is the thinnest handmade chain made from 0.5mm silver wire.  Please click on the photo for more details.

Single loop-in-loop 0.8mm wire




This is a single link handmade loop-in-loop chain using 0.8mm silver wire.